Northern Songlines

Shaping change through nature connection.

Our Songline

  • Our story that brought us here. 
  • Our vision for where we are going. 
  • The land we live on and the story of it, its creatures, and its history. 
  • Dave and Becca & family
  • Our values

Our Offerings

Nature Connection

Wildlife tracking Bird Language Plant Connection Foraging

Realization Process

Embodied approach to nondual awakening: Meditation and awareness practices Healing Ground/Trauma Release Stillness Moving, movement practices

Wilderness Education

Canoe tripping Navigation skills Camp craft Weather literacy Ancestral skills Maine Guide/ETL Guide service

Energetic Medicine

Ayurveda Reiki Shamanic practices Plant medicine

Upcoming Gatherings

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Words from our mentors

"Tracking is observing how energy moves across the landscape."
"Life is our teacher. Water and wind have tremendous power. Controlling them is like trying to contain spirit. It's not possible. The entire universe is spirit."
"When we inhabit our body as a whole, we can attune to an even more subtle level than energy and experience our primary identity as unitive consciousness."