Bobcat Bound

This was such a fun bobcat to trail. It was following this little beaver stream in a marsh. It slinked along, up and over a log and then, the trail made a which bowing turn and made about an 2 meter jump across the stream. You can see the dug in prints on the lower […]

American Beaver

It’s great to see the front and hind track of this beaver, as they usually cover their front with the hind.

Muskrat Scat

This scat looks very much like a rodent, but larger than even our biggest gray squirrel. On a log near other muskrat sign, and not likely a groundhog.


This racoon followed the edge of a stream through a marsh for quite some time. Leaving some great tracks.

Great Blue Heron

This was a fun track to follow at the Emmons Preserve in Kennebunk, ME. A little while later down the trail we saw a Great Blue Heron take off down stream by about 1/4 mile from our tracks.