We do not set pricing for our programs.

We emphasize accessibility and embrace diverse forms of reciprocity. We gratefully welcome the heartfelt generosity of our guests and participants which will help us continue to offer programming and retreat space for everyone. We encourage participants to gently and honestly assess their personal abundance, limitations, skillsets, and capacity to contribute. 

Here are some ways you might want to give thanks to Northern Songlines and its teachers for a program you’ve participated in:

The number of hours, materials, service, or dollars that you offer is entirely up to you. We ask that it come from your heart, and that you first and foremost consider your personal situation and your unique needs, never causing harm to yourself in order to give gratitude to us. 

We believe that this economic model can allow great abundance for us all. 

NOTE: Some of our guest teachers will require monetary compensation for their travel and time. When a program will require financial contribution to attend, we will make special note of that on the registration page. Thank you!