Nature Connection

Our nature connection programs combine inner tracking with outer tracking. Breaking down the wall of green by experiencing the landscape in an intimate way. Not just learning about the species, but of the individuals that create our experience. 

Wilderness Education

Outdoor leadership skills are important to keep yourself and your clients or participants feeling safe and having an enjoyable experience. Self-reliance and natural living skills, adventure skills like canoeing and backpacking, as well as campcraft and wilderness emergency medicine. 

Realization Process

Becca and Dave are fully certified Realization Process teachers. This embodied meditation practice helps bring our whole being into the world and our experience of it. Visit for more information.

Energetic Medicine

Becca is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Dave is a Wilderness Emergency Medicine Teacher. Both are Shamanic Reiki III certified. Combined with their love for wild edibles and medicinals and several modalities of healing, we offer integrated practices with our workshops, retreats, and individual consultation.